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Buy Kaleeras for Women Online

A designer kaleera is a type of traditional Indian bridal accessory worn by women on their wedding day. Kaleeras are ornamental pieces that hang from the hair or hang gracefully below the wrist. Designer kaleeras are often made of gold or silver, with intricate designs and embellishments. They are typically worn on both sides of the head and are meant to complement the bride's overall wedding attire. In recent years, there has been a trend towards more modern and unique designs for kaleeras, with many designers creating their own unique versions of the accessory. Some designers have incorporated elements of traditional Indian design with modern twists, while others have taken a more minimalist approach and created simpler, more streamlined designs. Regardless of the specific design, kaleeras are an important part of traditional Indian wedding attire and are meant to add beauty and elegance to the bride's appearance on her special day.

In addition to their aesthetic value, luxury kaleeras may also hold sentimental value for the bride, as they may be passed down from generation to generation within a family or given as a gift by a loved one. Regardless of their specific origins, luxury kaleeras are a beautiful and highly sought-after accessory for traditional Indian weddings. Shop from a range of dazzling and modern kaleera like our cassandra kaleera, which is a hand-embroidered kaleera in a petite version embellished with glass beads, enameled flowers, 24 karat gold plated ghungroos and an adjustable chain. Our designer kaleeras can be paired with stunning designer lehengas.

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