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The Campaign starts on 1st May, 2020 and ends by 30th June, 2020

What is #CareforKarigars?

It is time Fashion took a backseat and let Karigari take center stage!

Who is a Karigar?

A master craftsman skilled in a particular form of art. Everyone from zardosi and zari workers, pattern cutters, tailors, dyers, weavers, block printers, raw material producers ; all are Karigars. They're all Artists.

It is them - the artists who come together to make our clothes, our shoes, our bags - who need us now more than ever. With no support to sustain their livelihoods, the art in fashion will cease to exist.

This pandemic has brought forth their most basic human struggles - right from where and how they live, to the lack of infrastructure and necessary resources to reach back to their families in time. In addition to that, they are the sole breadwinners that support a large number of family members. Under lock down, most are unable to send any money home.

Majority of them hail from beautiful but remote areas of our country - far beyond the reach of the many active charities in cities. These charities when contacted, have limited to zero access or permissions to operate in the villages that the karigars and their families reside in.

In such a difficult scenario - both the teams, at Papa Don’t Preach and Kresha Bajaj, have come together to pool our unique advantage :

  1. Our direct access to our karigars and their accounts registered with our respective organisations
  2. Our trusted Karigars hail from areas that have focused groups of craftsmen and women practicing the same craft as them. We, hence, are able to multiply our reach and the scale of impact of this initiative via them through clean and trusted payment channels.

Why should you support #CareforKarigars ?

The initiative is two fold and transparent in its agenda:

  1. To provide monetary assistance to enable consistent and timely purchases of ration, medicines and sanitary requirements for the karigar, their family and the entire community.
  2. When we do come out of this , they will have work to come back to. Beautiful belt bags and capes to be created with their hands to send off to you.

100% of every purchase will reach a Karigar’s home.


The Process:

• How will the funds be disbursed ? :

The fund will be disbursed all over India - in villages / areas ( a list of all the locations being reached with this initiative has been shared below for your reference) using wire transfer via our karigar’s accounts registered with our respective organisations.

Further , via our trusted karigars - funds will be disbursed within their impacted groups / communities.

• Locations :

Uttar Pradesh : Jaunpur, Sarai Triloki, Sarai Kansrai, Ranmau, Malihabad, Rasoolpur, Dubagga, Lucknow, Saadatganj. 
Bihar: Haspur, Sitamarhi.
West Bengal: Koili, Bagnan, Amta, Hoogly, Keshpur, Mirgram, Ranibazar.
Maharashtra: Solapur, Mumbai.
Gujurat: Patan, Tundav, Ahemdabad.


• How many lives will your one purchase help ?
  • 5000 INR
  • Provides food, ration, basic medical and sanitation supplies for a family of 4-5 members
  • In Mumbai - for up to 20 days
  • In villages - for up to 2 months
    • 10,000 INR
      • Provides food, ration , basic medical and sanitation supplies for a family of 4-5 members
      • In Mumbai - for up to 40 days
      • In villages - for up to 4 months

Any requirements for a larger sum - for medical emergencies, will also be provided to the best of our abilities.

• What the karigars receive :

A lifeline to get through these uncertain next few months

What you receive :

A Made in India, with Love :

Papa Don’t Preach Belt Bag
A Kresha Bajaj Cape(click here)

Lots of Love and Gratitude from us and the Indian Community of Karigars🙏🏻

• Dimensions of the Bag : 

      Length : 5" 
      Height : 3"
      Width : 1"

• Delivery : 

All Deliveries will be executed as soon as the lockdown is lifted. 

Please note : The above product cannot be returned or exchanged.

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