Around The World In Fourteen Shoes

 ‘ To love - means - to taste the experience through our lovers’ adventure’, 
and we believe!
And well,
‘we are what we believe we are’
-C.S. Lewis

Around the World In Fourteen Shoes 
Tells us a story of this love-struck twosome,
who seem to have been hopelessly in love, just like us.
This story of beau ‘M’ and his darling Rosie, 
Is an exchange of travel postcards, as she invites him into a dream,
and introduces him to her new friends from around the world,
while he stays home, awaiting her,
And her postcards!

Our forever muse, Rosie, 
is an Independent, wild, adventurer,
Who has taken on our feed 
and pouring-in are her postcards
 from all-over-the-world 
to her Dearest M.
Join us at @papadontpreachbyshubhika to find out
about all the magnetic personalities 
she meets on her journey 
Around the World In Fourteen Shoes,
and experience the process of her
Falling in love with herself all-over-again.
We promise you,
She’s the most fun person you’ve met,
And her companions are all you’ll need ! ( now !!)