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We have an exclusive range of designer mini dresses and designer dresses. As seen in Hollywood and Bollywood, hand-made luxury Baby Doll dresses and designer dresses for women The Papa Don’t Preach Baby Doll edit is a nod to the legacy of rebellious femininity. Dresses are celebrity wear and can be paired with heels and stylish jewelry. Buy our Indian dresses online. Shop for fusion wear and modern designer dresses that are heavy on the tulle and gold-plated embellishments, the party-wear dresses are made for anyone that wants to contradict the ‘ideal.’ Explore the iconic partywear Indian dresses  like our bestseller, A biscuit tulle babydoll Indian dress with 3D materials and pearls paired with a raw silk belt embellished in sequins, pearls and beads with metallic accents. Similarly, our shaded tulle baby doll dress also comes in lilac and pastel hues with reflective sequins and iridescent glass beading. Browse through over twenty different styles and variations, find your perfect fit for an afternoon brunch or an evening cocktail. Our Ivory and silk designer baby doll dress comes in a matka silk composition. It's a stunning two piece set in a neon pink to ivory dip-dyed  skirt lined with layers of pink tulle ruffles  Embellished in glass beads, ghungroos and laser cut acrylics, finished off with a chunky waist belt. There are also modern handcrafted designer dresses that incorporate traditional techniques and motifs into contemporary styles. These luxurious designer  dresses and party wear Indian dresses are perfect for those looking to add a touch of cultural flair to their wardrobe. Overall, handcrafted Indian dresses for women can be shopped online and  are a beautiful and unique addition to any wardrobe. The latest dress designs and designer dresses for women are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India and the skills of the artisans who craft them. Whether you are looking for a partywear Indian dress or a new designer dresses. Our designer, luxury dresses are sure to impress. Designer dresses can be paired with a variety of different accessories and items to create a complete and stylish outfit. Some options for pairing with designer dresses include: Shoes: Depending on the style of the dress, you can choose heels, boots, flats, or sandals to match. Jackets or outerwear: A jacket or coat can add warmth and an extra layer of style to a designer dress. Belts: A belt can help define the waist and add a touch of glamour to a designer dress. Handbags: A designer handbag can complete the look and add a touch of sophistication. Jewelry: A statement piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings, can add some sparkle and interest to a designer dress. Scarves or shawls: A scarf or shawl can add an extra layer of warmth and texture to a designer dress. Remember to choose accessories that complement the style and color of the designer dress, and that suit your personal style and the occasion.