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Our glamorous jumpsuits come heavily embellished with glass-cut crystals, reflective sequins, and pearls. Choose from custom options with tulle capes and gold chain straps to elevate your look. Shop from a range of modern silhouettes with timeless charm like the ‘Globetrotter’, a classic Papa Don’t Preach jumpsuit in lime embellished with glass cut crystals, reflective sequins, and pearls, completed with chain straps and a embroidered tulle cape, which can be customized in color, fit and additional detailing. Indian ethnic jumpsuits are a stylish and versatile choice for traditional Indian jumpsuit. Whether dressed up or down, they are a great way to celebrate and honor Indian jumpsuit culture while still looking fashionable and on-trend.

Showcase your effortlessly unique sense of style with a bridal, traditional jumpsuit. They are excellent for brides who want to take an extravagant yet versatile approach to the festivities. A traditional jumpsuit can be a great addition for wedding after-parties. Jumpsuits provide ease of movement and comfort. Look through the brand-new collection of Designer Wedding Jumpsuits, and prepare to be the star of the show! Our Dhoti Jumpsuits are Hand-made, ethnic, and Indian jumpsuits. on an exclusive range of Indian and western wear. Dhoti jumpsuits are the perfect way to blend the old-world charm of Indian rituals and the new-age wonder of western ensembles. Dhoti sets usually come in a set of dhoti style pants attached to an embellished, cutout bralette. Choose from a range of colors, styles and sleeve lengths. Our dhoti jumpsuit, ‘At First Blush’ has our signature style with hand-embroidered  glass beads, neon sequins, enamel stones and 3D metallic charms. Made of raw silk and swiss cotton, our one shoulder raw silk cobalt blue dhoti jumpsuit is delicately handcrafted with 3D embroidery detail in sequins, pearls, glass beads, and chunky metallic accents. Shop from a range of celebrity wear, browse from a collection of designer jumpsuits, indian and designer fusionwear. Browse an assortment of designer shoes, bags and fusionwear.